• What does Lojour do?

    We are the Lojour®, Real Estate Agent recommendation service in the Nigeria. We are into Real Estate Investment, Property Development, help Individuals to own a Smart Home without Hassels. We’ve spent so more time in bring to your notice Lands, Commercial property service apartment and many more, you will be notified of verified and non-verified properties. For further information, feel free to contact us

  • How can Lojour Help you acquire a property?

    Lojour as a smart home platform will fully understand from the provided data by the client, and anticipating a client’s current and future property requirements. Lojour will target specific areas and property types, shortlisting on and off-market opportunities which closely match their lifestyle or investment needs as well as their financial objectives of the client.

  • Why do I need a property agent like LOJOUR?

    LOJOUR will help save you the stress of searching for property, save you the time and energy that is subjected with property hunting which involves a buyer going back and forth with the property owner without proper conclusion on the agreement.

  • Who can use Lojour?

    Property Buyers, Agents, Property Owners, and Smart Home Investors