Detached Duplexes

Detached Duplexes

Property Features ID: L1173 For Sale

  • 4 Bedroom
  • 5 Toilet
  • 1 Kitchen
  • 4 Bathroom
  • Parking Space
  • Security
  • Security


For Sale: Luxurious 4 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex with Guest Charlet and BQ in Maitama District

  • Property Type: Fully Detached Duplex

  • Location: Maitama District

  • Price: N2 Billion

  • Bedrooms: 4

  • Additional Features: 2 Bedroom Guest Charlet, 3 Room BQ

  • Amenities: Swimming Pool, Gym House, Cinema House

  • Interior Highlights: 2 Living Rooms, Box Rooms, and more

  • Title Document: Certificate of Occupancy (C.of.O)

  • Land Size: Approximately 1,300 sqm

This remarkable property in the prestigious Maitama District offers an exquisite living experience. It features a spacious 4-bedroom fully detached duplex with a guest charlet and BQ, providing ample space for a comfortable lifestyle. Beyond the luxurious main residence, the property boasts additional amenities including a swimming pool, gym house, cinema house, and various interior highlights like multiple living rooms and box rooms. With a C.of.O title document and a generous land size of about 1,300 sqm, this is an outstanding opportunity to acquire a truly exceptional home in Maitama.

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